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Dirty window exteriors

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Dirty window exteriors

Post  Twinkle on Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:05 pm

I have mentioned to the prev. MA that it is high time a gondola should be brought in to clean our very dirty window glass panels exteriors. We cannot do it properly anyway from the inside as the windows do not have a gap at the other side for the hand or pole to reach out and wipe the next window. So end result is no matter how we clean the insides of our windows, it always look dirty from inside and out. And CNY is here...

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Dirty windows in common areas

Post  genie on Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:43 pm

The window glasses are stained with dirt and almost much so for looking out of the windows...blur vision!!. Not sure if the windows were ever cleaned since TOP. Washing windows require clean water. Like the floor tiles, it's pointless to clean with dirty water. It'll be a waste of effort with negative result. It's a tough job for the cleaners but it has to be done though may not be frequently. We want to live in a nice and clean environment. Good appearance enhances the value of our property.


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