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Are the security guards in City Square doing a good job?

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Are the security guards in City Square doing a good job?

Post  maymay on Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:02 pm

I wonder where are all the security guards? Always sitting inside the guard post? As you know, towards every weekend, there are lots of residents having activities /happenings around the facilities area, eg. swimming pool, BBQ, etc and yet I don't see any security guard patrolling that area. On my way back, I noticed a young lady was smoking near the BBQ area with the "NO SMOKING" signboard besides her and she didn't even bother to abide the rule. I also noticed Caucasians laying their towels on the mini golf course and enjoying sun tanning with their bottles beer and also kids without proper swimwear and playing on the pool with their shoes on(using empty can to scoop up the pool water). Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Mad


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