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Post  DAISY on Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:13 pm

Can the management look into reducing the flow of water in the bathroom at the clubhouse? Many a times I have witnessed the occupier bathing for as long as 20 mins or more and at the sound of heavy gushing of water.

I was also told that some "resident" have also been seen washing their clothes too.

This not only waster our money but also wasting the country's water and is definitely very unhealthy.

Would greatly appreciate that immediate action be taken

Thank you


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knock knock

Post  Twinkle on Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:33 pm

Hi Daisy,
so pathetic nobody is responding to your request but No Worries, I am seconding your suggestion. I have experienced the same & even glare at the old lady who came out later with a plastic bag of clothes......gee I really dunno what to do with these "pinching pennies" around....maybe its an addictive habit they cannot let go of when they rented rooms in the
Solution is to install those 'Hold On Taps' let go your hands & water stops or turn the water pressure down or like some said, 'no hot water just cold water' in the future for those who bathe in the clubhouse bath cubicles...haha haa.....roll in the creative ideas.

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Post  csrssr on Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:17 pm

i think the main issue here is that no one seems to be authorized to push thru these changes...any new rules or changes or ideas such as installing a water saving feature in clubhouse, need to be presented and approved in an AGM.

At the moment, CDL runs our place and we don't have much say, except lodging our concerns or displeasure on any issues. There is no collective influence possible - the protem committe that was formed with reps from group of owner/residents has no official position to demand actions... despite these short comings, the protemp had several meetings with CDL and MA where key issues were brought out. For example, the team collected more than 50 items/defects in the buildings and facilities of the estate (through walk about), improvements to essential services such as security and cleaning, booking and management of facilities, and help drive action on critical issues such as traffic congestion outside the estate and illegal subletting with relevant Government agencies. In essence, despite having no official position, the protemp committe headed by Yoga managed to push some of these changes mainly through engagement with CDL and MA exerting constant pressure and followup to deliver the changes.

To have a greater say in running our estate, I suggest all owners to come and attend the AGM this Saturday. You have an good opportunity to elect a good management committee and be part of that committee to ensure owner's interest & condo upkeep are at the heart of the agenda. If we continue to allow some irresponsible tenants to misuse the facilities, walk-in and out/trespass without any check and use the residences as hotel apartments, the liveability and value will eventually drop while rest of the Singapore private properties continue to command good value.


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Post  ahdong on Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:35 am

I would like to share the article below with all fellow residents in CSR and wish that the new committe can be vested with such power. I love you


2006 Singapore Idol Hady Mirza has apologised for the mess created after throwing a poolside party at his Mimosa Park condominium in Yio Chu Kang.

In a statement released to the media, the 30-year-old singer explained that he and his family hosted a birthday celebration for his 4-year old nephew and 1-year niece which was attended by relatives, friends and numerous young children at the poolside of the condominium.

Hady, who is currently filming a travelogue program in Thailand said: “In accordance to the regulations of the management committee, we had to vacate the premises by 11pm. As it was dark, my family and I tried to do what we could to clean up the premises.”

“It was only after a few days later when we received a letter from the condominium management committee that we realised the children had thrown things into the pool and toilet.”

He said that a letter of apology was immediately sent to the condominium committee by his mother, Madam Mardiana Ahmad and added, “It was a children’s party and certainly not a wild party.”

“I sincerely apologise for any inconveniences caused to the management and residents of the condominium and will take full responsibility for what is required to restore the affected facilities.”

His apology came after it was reported that the condominium management council had banned Hady and his family from using its facilities due to the incident.

According to a Today report, there were used paper plates and uneaten food thrown into the pool, while the toilets were also choked and damaged. The extensive damage took cleaners six hours to clean up the mess to appease residents who wanted to use the facilities.

Chairman of the condominium’s management council, Leonard Lee, told the same paper that it was not the first time Hady and his family of five – who have been living in a rented four-bedroom apartment in the condo for the last three years – have broken the rules.

“The family’s visitors have, on occasion, parked their cars illegally, despite repeated reminders not to do so. As a result, the wheels of their cars have been clamped on a number of occasions,” said Mr Lee.

As a result of the latest mess, the family was given a letter by the chairman, informing them that their S$500 tenant deposit had been forfeited due to the incident, and were banned from using the shared facilities including the pool, gym and squash court, for six months.

In his letter to the family, Mr Lee said the episode “has caused severe inconvenience to our residents and other users” and, as a result, “additional expenses” had to be incurred to restore the premises.

He added: “We are holding you responsible for all costs … we shall be forfeiting your tenant deposit which will be used towards the partial cost of the cleaning operations.”

It was reported that Mr Lee did not mention how much “all costs” amounted to but added the council reserved the right to recover any other costs “that may have incurred as a result of your irresponsible behaviour”.


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Post  ceewye on Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:48 pm

wow... not sure the MC would take such drastic actions yet.
such actions may be seen as an abuse of power, no?

in any case, the MA has already been informed to look into the matter of changing the taps in the toilet to the automatic shut off kinds.

lets see how long they'll take...


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