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Has anyone of you encountered 'Inconsiderate' neighbour

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Has anyone of you encountered 'Inconsiderate' neighbour

Post  nrhome on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:18 pm

I was wondering if anyone of you encountered an 'inconsiderate' neighbour like I had one at my block/level.

They often had bags of their rubbish disposed in the rubbish chute area, left-over raw/cooked food often dumped halfway into the bins leaving the rubbish bin door half close. I am frustrated and concerned that cockroaches will soon invade my floor as sometime the foul smell of their left-over is unbearable.

I can tolerate that they often had their shoes scattered all over the corridor, trolley from NTUC and Mustafa parked outside the house, but not the mess they created at the bin area.

I am working and away from home most of the time, and whenever I reach home, they will immediately shut their doors so there's no chance to 'educate' them on cleaniness. I tempted to get an Indian colleague to help translate the 'DO NOT DISPOSE YOUR BULKY ITEMS' sign and please dispose for rubbish properly in HINDI/Tamil but thinking back, don't think such people will bothered to look at the sign.

Any suggestion to inform/educate them that we are all living in a condo, not HDB nor kampong? Can we get the management to go up and talk to them? I noticed that the rest of the 2 units are mostly working class and usually not home till late evening like myself. Hence, they probably think they own the entire floor in that block.

PS: Their kids also often played water bomb at the lobby causing the floor wet and slippery!!!

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Re: Has anyone of you encountered 'Inconsiderate' neighbour

Post  city2loh on Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:08 pm

I encountered this issue before. First, I tried to figure out who was the "culprit". After zooming in to a suspected family, I spoke to the madam to ask if these left-over was left by her maid. "No", she replied "I told my maid to dump all rubbish into the chute proper". However, when 1 day I saw the maid and asked her, she told me she was instructed to leave the rubbish near the chute. I took another time to chat with the madam, and she denied the rubbish were their, yet again.
Then Evil or Very Mad me, whenever I spotted the were rubbish below the chute, I dragged them in between her door & the bin door. Up to third times, then no more rubbish found below the rubbish chute. Twisted Evil


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