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Booking of Function Rooms (poor monitoring)

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Booking of Function Rooms (poor monitoring)

Post  dkhor on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:33 am

Just this week, I noticed that a company booked 2 funtions rooms, possibly from one of our resident for their anniversary celebration. Is this allowed? Also they obviously had more than 40 people present at the function. The company may be saving cost but they are tapping on our own funds as it is free and also free use of our swimming pool plus palyground etc. Obviously, this occured due to poor monitoring.

Another issue was that there were lapse in strictly following the 2 weeks booking by the officer in charge, which is defintely unfair.

Also I would like to suggest to the management to prevent booking of Function Rm 1 and 2 during festive season, especially for the upcoming CNY long weekend. This is to allow for more residents to use the facilities.

Lastly, to prevent misuse of facilities there should be an air-con charge of say at between $30 to $50 per booking of the function rooms like in many condos.


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