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Clamping of cars commenced on April Fools's Day

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Clamping of cars commenced on April Fools's Day

Post  Twinkle on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:35 am

Today I saw a car in B1 was clamped. Snapped a pix with my i-phone.
1) Much later I kay-poh to the Office to complain about the swimming pool water being blurred (meaning dirty, greasy?) since Thur nite when I swam in it. To my shock I was told the pool was cleaned once a week, if that is true kindly change the pool maintenance contract terms or sack them for if they professional then they ought to know that in Mandarin Gdns condo where there is a similarly large sized pool, you need to have the waters cleansed daily in the morning...the poolwaters has to be see through clear. The cleanliness committee ought to view all aspects of cleanliness in the estate not just the rubbish bins which may I add is like a 'roller coaster' .some days cleared but other others littered n smelly. Mad
2) Clamped cars....a lady tenant was in the office yelling about her sis car being clamped but the best part was she admitted that all this while her sis had been parking her car in B1 & going across to the mall & yet she demanded to be given a chance. To cut a long story short, I learnt later she got away without paying a cent. Then there was another (who paid first upon being told that she could 'appealed' later but I feel the Management should have taught the staff/guards in handling these angry people. The guard "pased the baby" over to the office staff that they can "claimed" back their money later by appealing so as not to face the anger of those who had their cars clamped. I heard this with my own ears, this is wrong info given coz now I have a loophole, meaning I can say that the office gave so n so a reprieve from $150 penalty so they have to give it to my sis or friend later.(Now I know) Also do not inform them that it started that day n they say u have to give them a second chance. It was started the day the rule became official but the clamps did not came in so ample notice in the form of signs,issued notices was a month ago, they should be told.
The staff can coolly avoid anwering the angry car owner by stating nothing else except to pay up. No need to say more to encourage more shouting.
Let us see whether the summons are enough to pay for the clamps.
On a crucial 1st day of a rule implementation, where was the condo manager...another owner & I had to help Dora deal with the angry people??????


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Re: Clamping of cars commenced on April Fools's Day

Post  Wong on Sun May 15, 2011 7:13 pm

Hey keep up the good work!
Whether it's resident's sister/relative or anybody, the culprit should pay for breaching the rules of this property. Please don't allow "appeals" or create a "loophole". Stick to the rules. Hang it there, after a while people will have to abide by the rules (even if it's Singapore Idol Hady Mirza). Very Happy


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