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security metal gate entrance to residence block / illegal entry

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security metal gate entrance to residence block / illegal entry

Post  jianmin on Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:50 pm

i have seen afew people who do not posses the residence card .... managed to get into their block by .... putting their arms through the openings of the metal gate ...assisited by a roll up newspaper/umbrella/wooden stick , thus .... releasing the security lock !!!!

wonder if they are residence or visitors ??? = or illegal entry ?

maybe the design of the metal gate leading to each unit should be enhance for security purposes.


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Security for Metal Gate entrance

Post  Geronimo on Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:07 pm

Like I have suggested, all residents and tenants should be issued a Resident Card- with- Photo for identification. These cards must be returned/surrendered to the management if they move out of the condo. All tenancy agreements on the number of tenants must be made known to the management who will issue the Resident Card. A replacement/lost fee to be imposed on lost of the card. The card is to be used for booking of all condo facilities.
This will give a tighter control on all legitimate persons residing/entering in the condo. This system was used by the previous cond which I lived, and found to be highly effective.



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Re: security metal gate entrance to residence block / illegal entry

Post  ak on Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:50 pm


My observation and suggestion :-
1. The main gate was not design to ensure proper security and movement for resident and/or visitor. The small side gate is not enough to control the heavy human traffic.
Probably we have to spend some money to improve on this situation. Suggest to construct side gate post and position security guard at post to control human traffic.
And looking at the heavy human traffic suggest to have gate post on both side of the main gate. Because you always see people walking across the main gate or pass through the vehicle barrier dangerously.

2. Agreed that we implement tenant resident pass. All owner must register their tenant at the management office to ensure the proper identity of tenant staying in CtSQ. And each pass to have a proper photo of the tenant and nationality, etc.


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Re: security metal gate entrance to residence block / illegal entry

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