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Dirty/oily and handicap carpark lots

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Dirty/oily and handicap carpark lots

Post  Geronimo on Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:06 pm

There are a few unsightly dirty/oily parking lots. These stains caused by leaking vehicles, are unsightly and no cleaners have washed or cleansed them. Furthermore, there are always some morons who will park their cars on the 'handicap lots'. Hope our future new management will have new rules to 'clamp' these cars.



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Oil stain in carpark

Post  genie on Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:56 pm

Something has to be done about the thick oil stains on the floor of B1 carpark. Cleaners can't give the excuse that they are unable to clean affected areas due to cars parking there. Can't be all the time; if so I won't have spotted the oil stain several times. I am sure there's chemical to remove stubborn oil stain.

The unsightly oil leak/stain has been reported to the MA several times before.


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Car Parked at the Washing Bay Lot

Post  Twinkle on Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:31 pm

There are some INCONSIDERATE car owners who parked their car next to the tap in the washing bay car lot.
1) do they think that just because they do not see anyone washing the car there they can park in that lot?
2)then some selfish owners parked there for their maid to have easy access to the tap to wash their cars and even after the washing they do not bother to come down to drive the car away.
Those who want to wash their car drove off because they cannot park next to the tap. Which brings me to the point why we have to park next to the tap is the need to pour the water quickly onto the car as the water gushes out from the tap very strong and fast. This is what happens when a crude type water dispensing machine is in place?? AND after repaired, 20cts seems to be getting less water than before so you need 40cts at least. Very bloke e Condo.??
Next question is what should be the 'penalty' for cars found parked at parking bays in future?? I am not paid to do the thinking and suggesting solutions for problems in this condo so please can the proper people put on their thinking caps and act on it, pronto.

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Re: Dirty/oily and handicap carpark lots

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