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Refuses issues at block 8 level 17 + tourists problems

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Refuses issues at block 8 level 17 + tourists problems

Post  danganni on Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:23 pm

Since we enter the condo last June we notice on a regular basis that tenants/owners of the block 8 level 17 always dispose their refuses on the floor of the refuse point.

Duplicate of the Management Notice have been apposed on each door of the floor last week to remind the rules to the tenants/owners of this floor !

It seems that this has conduct to the reverse effect, today I notice 5 big smelly and dirty refuse bags laying down of the floor on the refuse point ! THIS UNACCEPTABLE !

One of the explanation could be that one of the flat of this level is rented to tourist groups that are more and more numerous each weeks ! WE DON'T PAY TO LIVE IN THE MESS !

I firmly encourage the management to push for the respect of the rules if not, I will personally take action against the management and the other tenants/owners of my floor to clear this refuse problem as well as the fact that our condo is becoming a tourist residence !

I'm very disappointed to notice refuse around the pool and sometimes in the elevators every weekend, this is disgusting ! Once again, the cleaning staff is not here to clean your shit but to keep the cleanliness of the property used in a normal way.

In addition, as for this tourist issue, security guards and management have to be aware to let such practices running in our condo ! Barbecue are monopolized by tourist and as far as I know each flat is entitled to one booking per month ! Why tourist flat can book more than once a month !!!!

I'm looking forward an answer from the management and security regarding all of those points !


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Re: Refuses issues at block 8 level 17 + tourists problems

Post  Mcqueen on Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:15 am

hi danganni,

I'm living in blk 8 too, i will try to remind the cleaner to lookout for refuse bags and maintain the cleaniness on 17 flr.

Hope our neighbourhood spirit would keep our blk 8 cleaner on the toes!! Neutral

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